by Paul Snyder

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released November 25, 2013

Produced by Michael Lux and Paul Snyder
All songs written by Paul Snyder, except "Two Step" by Paul Snyder and Michael Lux
All songs Copyright Control
Recorded in Chicago, IL @ Taylor St. and 12G studios
Cover photograph by Maite Canto



all rights reserved


Paul Snyder Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: This City Gets Vibrant
So long to the little, itty bitty pieces of lies
We're leaving in the morning—
I, for one, think it's time
Let it go, Barbara Ella
Fade away softly

Tell me
Tell me slowly
And this city gets vibrant again without you

Call up my last lenders, tell 'em I'm not sending the cash
Tell 'em they know where to find me
with the gasoline and a match
Look away, Barbara Ella
This never goes softly

Tell me
Tell me slowly
And this city gets vibrant again without you

She was speaking to me in a syncopated diatribe—
talk about last night
I felt the ground beneath me but I let it keep on crumbling
'cos of the light
Sometimes it's a ventilator, sometimes it's a little more
d'you put up a fight?
I'll be smiling slowly as the soundbite settles softly
I'm alright

Tell me
Tell me slowly
And this city gets vibrant again
And this city gets vibrant again
And this city gets violent again without you.
Track Name: Come Around
Your heart's too big for a dresser drawer
And maybe I'll break it like he did before
You could just as easily break mine
Burning down the future, losing the time

The sun is sinking on another day
I wanna color your night before it fades away
I'll count the reasons you say what you say
Come around ...

The questions you want answered you never ask
Answers you want questioned you don't take to task
I wanna learn the different things you know
Safety's only worth it if sometimes you let go

And when you let go, you hit the ground below
Maybe I'll pick you up, I don't know
Maybe I'll catch you just when you let go
Come around ...

It's always empty on the cutting room floor
I know you'll be there, guarding the door
The seed's in the sky, the sun's in the ground
I'll draw a world up for you for when
When you come around
Track Name: Missed Clocks
It's just a case of missed clocks that kept me from you
It's just another case of sad luck, but what can you do?
And I can't say if you might ever think twice
Maybe I miss you

She's a method to my madness
She's the fire they set the tires on
She smiled sweetly one Tuesday evening
An hour later, she was gone
Now it's another nightmare coming through
And maybe I miss you

And if phones aren't ringing at 2 a.m.
then what are telephones for?
No one's forcing you to answer
when I knock on your door
Because I miss you

It's still ticking on your wall
I've got a hammer—I'll fix it all
If I don't smash everything first
I wrote the chorus, give me the verse
And though you'll hardly ever say that you do
Maybe I miss you

And there's only lies because there's truths
Like saying I missed you

And a clock is a destructive tool
And I miss you
Track Name: Sketches of Somewhere We've All Been Before
Wake up, wake up—the morning's coming on through
And the kettles on the stove are whistling too
They kinda sound like some impending doom
But when you light a fire under, I get worried too

So come on down to the bar late tonight
There'll be a boy there waiting for some earthly delight
Broken down, but claiming he's alright
That's just somewhere we've all been before

Wake up, wake up—it's the hardest thing to do
when no one's bathed in sunrise laying next to you
And if birds were pterodactyls, spiders were too
I'd love to stop this war, but there's nothing I can do

Broken fingers come from broken men
who once had their broken homes broken in
I broke a promise, I might do it again
It's just somewhere we've all been before
But maybe I don't wanna go no more
But that's probably not my call, I'm sure

Wake up, wake up—it's not like you have a choice
They didn't make volume dials to keep down the noise
And in the bar somewhere later tonight
I'll say all this again like it was my first time
Track Name: Two Step
Two step—it's just a cataclysmic little happening this time
Scratch that 'cos all I really need
is just some peace for my mind
One up and all I'll never know
is what I've fallen into
You're the damndest thing that I've seen
but you don't know that, do you?

This, that, everything and the other
makes you fall back sometimes
I'm flat out of good ideas
but you could call me anytime
Tell me all about every wonder
that your eyes have seen
Lately, I've caught myself thinking how good life could be

Two things are broken in this town
And we could fix them right now
Two things dismantle my life gracefully
Two step with me

Two step—push and pull on the floor until I lock into you
I've kept some thoughts in my pocket—
I can't hold them, could you?
I've slept in basements and in attics
it don't matter really
I've spent every dime to be here, would you two step with me?
Track Name: My Love
I want you to know how wonderful you are
And I want you to know
how severely you broke my heart
If God makes little girls from cotton candy and drops of rain
Well then my ice cream world
is gonna melt just the same

Turquoise is just a stone and a name
for the color of the coral sea that drowned me again
But I don't feel so bad
I shut the window and opened a door
I don't feel so bad

In this house of please, nothing's gonna tip you to her tell
And God had you on your knees
You sat back down for a little spell
And I want you to know how it feels to lie down in the rain
With nowhere that you can go
and no heart for hurting cos you've only shame

"My love" is just a term of endearment
that I might not use 'til I'm facing retirement
But I don't feel so bad
I shut the window and opened a door
I don't feel so bad

You can say what you want
But you can't say what you mean
Seahaven to Fiji
And everything in between

If I'm crazy, we'll let it be
'cos nothing of sense is gonna come from me
But I don't feel so bad
I shut the window and opened a door
I don't feel so bad
Track Name: Isn't This Love?
So say so slowly so I know
if it's the weather or the pull of the moon
Well, how's it ever if you're always here
I only think you've gone too soon?

It's like a chemical that's gonna combust
It's like a fire that can only grow
It will destroy every one of us
And still I wanna play it slow

Didn't we fly off to a beautiful place?
It's the way things get away when you fall in the sea
Come up to the clouds on your face
That's when she asked me.
That's when she asked me.

What a lovely little night of revelations
bringing it all up again
And being right is such a sensation
I think I should wanna get back in

Didn't we try for all the wonderful things?
Making something out of nothing like a drop in the sea
Call up the way that my heart sings
whenever she asks me
That's when she asked me.

Isn't this love that we're feeling now
as everything around us tumbles into the sea?
Isn't this love that makes you stick around?
That's what she asked me.
That's what she asked me.
Track Name: Girlydust
I don't mind the rain when it falls upon my dirty mind
It rinses all the cobwebs off
Every once in awhile, it all just builds up in the blinds
And all my natural lighting gets too soft

Oooh, oooh, turn it up for me
Oooh, oooh, turn it up for me

'Cos life's all too sweet, despite the vodka-soaked prescription
It's only looking bleak
And every night I tell myself it's not addiction
Look, I'm strong enough to be weak
So, oooh, turn it up for me.

I don't find the time conducive to this heart of mine
Too close 'tween eager and lonely
Every once in awhile it all just floods my dirty mind
And I can't tell 'tween one and only

Oooh, oooh, turn it up for me
Oooh, oooh, turn it up for me

'Cos it's all too neat, despite the mess you think I'm making
I'm hardly feeling beat
And every night I put another cassette tape in
Look, they all just wind up in the street
So, oooh, turn it up for me.

Oooh, oooh, turn it up for me
Oooh, oooh, turn it up for me

And every night I tell myself it's not addiction
Look, we'll all just wind up in the street
So, oooh, turn it up for me.
Oooh, turn it up for me.
Oooh, turn it up for me.
Track Name: Anne, Come Dancing
Anne, come dancing.
Shake off the shackles of this dirty town
Turn my heart into something you could show around

And if this standstill
ever finds a light of day again
Drive to Des Plaines, but I'll be gone by half past ten

It doesn't matter what you turn to say
No words are ever gonna break my back
Hope will only ever fall away
Well, bring it back

She's enough for me.

My convictions
are the caves in which I hide
But your two eyes are the place I'd rather be inside

It doesn't matter what you turn to say
This chance is here and it's not coming back
We'll think of things that could've been OK
Well, bring it back

She's enough for me.

Anne? Come dancing.
Leave your hangups hung up tonight
Twelve more days and it'll never ever feel this right

She's enough for me.
Track Name: California Blue
Don't turn the sun around
Find any way to keep the lights on
You say you maybe wanna know when it's gone
But you only know it's true

She was standing on the end of Vine
in the newest open space at the back of the line
insisting it's just something that got in her eyes
of California blue

Maybe I've been hanging on
to this broken ride a little too long
We shot some chances, we'll go on—or try
It's all that we can do

Don't pull the moon down
I need something to look up at when you're not around
It's the only thing you'll see from downtown
and I don't wanna spoil the view

It's always when you think you got it made
You'll remember the one time you should've stayed
And all the ghosts color me the deepest shade
of California blue

We shot some chances
We'll go on—or try
That's all that we can do ...
Track Name: Until She's Gone Back To Dreaming
This old world, I can never stop it turning
It's almost enough to be sure
but I can never stop learning

All the happenstances, I was adding them up
And it always comes to something
But it's never enough
I thought I never might get through half of this stuff
'til there was you

Let me spin this around
Just once I'd like to show you what it's like downtown
before the sun comes up when lights go down
And everybody's always home
but you

But I'll still be standing at your station
Hanging all my stars
on some hope for elation

And I'll stick around until you tell me to go
Or every second person
that you've ever known
decides to cash their chips in and tell you so
Oh, don't we all love you?

I don't need a second chance
or a third, fourth, fifth to get this back
I don't wanna hear anymore until
Not until ...

She's gone back to dreaming